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the memory series

is an episodic body of work created by slowdanger using collected field recordings, writings, found objects and performative structures.  With each work that is put forth, a deeper understanding is found through the practice of making. slowdanger generates a thickness of memory through filtering veiled remembrances until they are distilled to their simplest form. Repurposing their own product so it remains constantly in process. This ever evolving process is akin to the construction zone where inspiration was drawn for the name, slowdanger. Breaking ground to build upon the demolished surface. Using old structures to innovate a new concept or construction.

memory 0-3

memory 0: ...

the Space Upstairs PGH
April 2013

rock bottom
the calling to new insight
walking towards it.

". . ." the ellipsis, implies the importance of a moment and its omission from the context. 

* To preserve these intentions the performance was not filmed. The audience is scattered in the round.

memory 1: Luminosity 

Lightab Series
Wood St Galleries PGH
September 2013

Beings consume, 
and stretch 
chords over 
time and space. 


Memory 1 is the manifestation and condensation of ideas explored within a 2hr improvisational performance at the Gooseroute Dance Festival in Shepherdstown, WV (April 2013).

memory 2: D E M O 

Wild Project NY 
March 2014

D E M O is
a reflection
of the past.
a memory
reinterpreted through 
the ritual
and structure
of performance.

it is a 
D E M O -lition
D E M O -onstration

a D E M O -bilizing blindness
after stripping away the skin
baring sensitive flesh
begin again

Projections by Mario Ashkar

Video shot/edited by: Paul Kruse
Sound/movement/concept by: slowdanger
The Space Upstairs PGH
February 2015

Memories are written and erased
defined differently in each envisioning and recreation.
the golden wheel calls to be pushed forward
in the journey, each being pulls on the string of memory
and is consumed
the other reaches in
to bring them back to the task at hand

Memory 3: swimmoon was also featured in excerpts as a part of the Kelly-Strayhorn Theater's NewMoves Contemporary Dance Festival 6 and the PGH Biennial at CMU's Regina Miller Gallery..

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