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DANCE MAGAZINE 25 to Watch: slowdanger 2018

"Named for the road-sign warning, slowdanger, unlike its moniker's admonition, has been anything but cautious in taking Pittsburgh by storm." 

Steve Sucato |  Dance Magazine, 25 to Watch

National Performance Network 2022

Announcing the 2022 Creation Fund Awards. 

NPN |  National Performance Network

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Fall Dance Preview 2021

"Anna Thompson and Taylor Knight are always up to something cool.'" 

Sara Bauknecht |  Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette 2021

"Slowdanger delivers interactive virtual dance experience in 'remote possibilities'" 

Sara Bauknecht |  Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

NPR 90.5 WESA 2021

“far field,” an immersive work that gives a new look to online dance.

Bill O'Driscoll | 90.5 WESA, NPR

Pittsburgh City Paper 2021

"slowdanger imagines a better future with sound and movement series remix disruption." 

Amanda Waltz |  Pittsburgh City Paper

NPR 90.5 WESA 2020

 "for shadowing” is an atmospheric duet incorporating..."

Bill O'Driscoll | 90.5 WESA, NPR

Pittsburgh City Paper Interview 2020

At Home with slowdanger

Alex Gordon  |  Pittsburgh City Paper

Bandcamp Daily Feature 2020

'Known for their dark and brooding electronic soundscapes, this duo also uses experimental improvised dance as part of their multidisciplinary performance.'

Andy Thomas | Bandcamp, Feature

Intel Feature 2019

"One of the most embodied and intimate experiences you can have with another person is to dance together."

Anna Henson | Intel, Wake Feature


Pittsburgh Post-Gazette resonant body 2019

"You’ve probably seen a dance performance. But have you ever felt one?" 

Sara Bauknecht | PITTSBURGH POST-GAZETTE, resonant body feature

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