resonant body

durational installation/lecture demonstration

runtime: flexibile
touring personnel: 2 performers, 1 technical director
​duet with audience participation
​*seeking residency, developmental and presenting partners
available for installation/performances 2022-2024

resonant body is an installed performance for a limited audience. Audience members are invited to witness and experience via a tactile object that translates a dancer’s motion to vibration and sound waves through sensor technology, electrical current and magnetic drivers. This work aims to respond to the ocularcentrism surrounding dance and performance, creating a performance work that can be felt through touch, providing a larger scope of audience access and entry points. This work was developed in 2019 as a part of slowdanger's performers in residence at The Carnegie Museum of Art.


by Robert Zacharias and slowdanger.

Past Performances:
Carnegie Museum of Art - Pittsburgh 2019

book slowdanger

We are currently seeking residency, developmental and presenting partners for 2022-2024