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resonant body

stage performance version

runtime: 50min versions

touring personnel: 2 performers

duet with live sound

​*seeking residency, developmental and presenting partners. available for performances 2024-2026


durational installation/lecture demonstration version

runtime: flexibile
touring personnel: 2 performers, 1 technical director
​duet with audience participation

Originally, resonant body was an installed performance for a limited audience. Audience members were invited to witness and experience the dance via a tactile object that translated dancer’s motion to vibration and sound waves through sensor technology, electrical current, magnetic drivers and ableton live. This work aims to respond to the ocular-centrism surrounding dance and performance, creating a performance work that can be felt through touch, providing a larger scope of audience access and entry points. This work was developed in 2019 as a part of slowdanger's performers in residence at The Carnegie Museum of Art. Installation version developed in collaboration with Robert Zacharias.

In 2022, we re-examine ocular-centricity in dance performance through developing the stage performance version of Resonant Body. This duet performance and extended research-based project, theorizes that every movement we make, in some form, is sound, Resonant Body examines how our impact resonates physically in space through sonic memory. Research includes impacting the body against structures such as thunder sheets and utilizing technology to record, loop and amplify the sonic remnants of the body’s impact within space, and is furthered by continually questioning how we define sustainability and resilience within capitalist mechanization. 

Past Performances:
Carnegie Museum of Art - 2019

*installation version 

Pittsburgh Playhouse - 2022

*full length

Joe Goode Annex - 2022


12th Ave Arts - 2022


Slippery Rock University - 2023


Estrogenius Festival - 2023


Elastic Arts - 2023


book slowdanger

We are currently seeking residency, developmental and presenting partners for 2023-2026

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