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weighted sky

weighted sky is a collaboratively built work between slowdanger, MICHIYAYA Dance Directors Anya and Mitsuko Clarke-Verdery, and Baltimore based sound artist Abdu Ali, with original set pieces by Pittsburgh based sculptor Rob Hackett. The work explores the collapse of capitalism and white supremacist structures  on the bodies of people, nationally and globally. It deconstructs hussle culture and seeks to create a process of active imagining for a queer future where we can thrive. 

The live performance of this work premiered at the Andy Warhol Museum November 11, 2021.



weighted sky collaborators:
Abdu Ali |  | Anya Clarke-Verdery

Mitsuko Clarke-Verdery | taylor knight  | anna thompson | Rob Hackett

advisory committee:

Sidra Bell | Billy Dean Thomas

​weighted sky project is supported by the Opportunity Fund, Heinz Endowments Small Arts Initiative, The PNC Charitable Trusts and The Pittsburgh Foundation A W Mellon Grant with residency support from the Space Upstairs. Special thanks to Tsohil Bhatia and Unique Projects.

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