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subtle viewing

runtime: flexible (durational installation performance)
performers: 2-5 dancers
*currently available for touring 

subtle viewing are durational performance actions that take place within museum, gallery and alternative performance spaces. These performance actions are “durational practices” for the artists and intend to begin to introduce the museum public to the performative concepts of SENSES. Museum patrons will experience the galleries in a completely new way through these in-gallery dance and performance art installations. These subtle encounters allow patrons to create new emotional connections to the artworks on view. These subtle viewings will fuse durational movement theater and character scores, chance encounters, investigations of spatial theory and societal responses. 

Past Performances: CARNEGIE MUSEUM OF ART for Performers at Play SENSES Residency
cast anna thompson, taylor knight, Kira Shiina, Kim Baraka, and Aj Libert. 

The CMOA performances were 3hrs. in duration happening for 6 days in a row. 

Subtle Viewing.jpg
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