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hybrid memory | reflector 

runtime: 20mins
performers: duet

hybrid memory | reflector is a composite of pre-existing duets from slowdanger’s ‘memory 4' and ‘TETHER'. The work examines the hypothetical concepts of engrams, or memory traces, and the claim that the brain simultaneously stores two versions of each event; one for long term memory and one for short. ‘hybrid memory’ fuses several theatrical elements to examine how our surroundings affect shifting states and personas, generating an evocative performance landscape of fragmented memory. This work is built with ProjectileObject's LED responsive light sculpture which renders shadow and light as another 'performer' within the work; revealing, concealing and transforming the body/space.. hybrid memory | reflector is a collaborative work by slowdanger and ProjectileObjects. (Cornelius Henke)

Past Performances:

BAAD! Boogie Down Dance Series - Bronx NY (May 17 2019)
The Kelly-Strayhorn Theater for NPN Conference's Live and Onstage Showcase - Pittsburgh PA (Dec. 14-15 2018)
Fire House Theater for YES! Dance Festival - Richmond VA (Nov. 30-Dec. 1 2018)
August Wilson Center for CREATE Fest - Pittsburgh PA (June 2018)

Links Hall - Chicago IL (May 2018) 
Wood St. Galleries - Pittsburgh PA (March 2018) 

hybrid memory | reflector has been supported in part by: The Foundation for Contemporary Arts. 

promo video shot and edited by: ProjectileObjects (Cornelius Henke).

book slowdanger

Available for touring 2024-2026

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