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far field

far field is a collaborative work by slowdanger and Creative Technologist Anna Henson.

It explores the distortion and fragmentation of identity, the human experience and connection within digital arenas and virtual spaces. far field is an immersive virtual gallery in Mozilla Hubs. An embodied archive and artifact of our time, far field source material was gathered between March and December 2020 with a cohort of movement artists on zoom and through self-recorded prompts.
far field renders our two dimensional
selves into movement responsive video textures and 3D landscapes, accompanied by spatialized sound.

The live performance of this event was scheduled to premier at the Kennedy Center in July 2020 but is being rescheduled due to COVID 19. Its ongoing process is being shared virtually through this virtual gallery.

far field cast:
Symara Johnson |  | Maxi Canion

Anna Wotring | taylor knight  | anna thompson

far field technological collaborators:
Anna Henson | Dimitri Diakopoulos


​far field project is supported by the Heinz Endowments Small Arts Initiative, The Pittsburgh Foundation A W Mellon Grant and the D.C. Commissions on the Arts and Humanities.

Enter far field accumulative gallery in Mozilla Hubs via the button below

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IMAGE DESCRIPTION: This trailer documents the user experience inside the immersive virtual video installation on the Mozilla Hubs Platform. The video encapsulates a digitally-sculpted world, taking place in a virtual room with images of pixelated moving bodies on the walls. Computerized portraits of people appear, their embodied experiences transforming the image, creating a feeling of interconnectedness despite individual distance. SOUND DESCRIPTION: The video includes a sonic experience of ambient frequencies, faraway inaudible voices, and punctuating noises that feel near. It includes cast member, Symara describing the feeling of their shared zoom process, and how difficult it can be to abstract the body through other mediums in the pursuit of multidisciplinary processes.

​The virtual gallery is optimized for desktop/laptop experience, but can be accessed using a VR headset or newer generation smartphone (iphone X / Samsung Galaxy S10). Check this site for device compatibility info.

It may take a minute or several to load, please be patient and while you are waiting try one of these tasks:

  • Take 3-5 deep breaths. Notice how the air fills your ribcage and allows for your ribs and chest to drop and soften, as it exits your body.

  • Drink a glass of water. Notice the sensation and temperature of the water and how your body responds as you intake the liquid. Does it have a taste?

  • Take a journey through the corners and ridges of the space or room you are within with your eyes. Feel how your gaze can trace lines of connection and energetic tethers between objects, colors, textures, and beings within your space.

We suggest following these tips when accessing the immersive virtual gallery:

  • Connection to wifi is necessary

  • Use headphones for optimal sound experience/ there is sound spatialization within the room

  • Use a fully charged or plugged in device

  • Use Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, or Safari Web Browser. For optimal performance, close any tabs that use live-updating ie google docs and facebook and/or streaming music or video. 

  • **If the Mozilla Hubs link is having trouble loading or you encounter technical difficulties within the space try exiting/refreshing the page and trying again

  • Take some time in the beginning to personalize your avatar as prompted in Mozilla Hubs

  • If using a laptop, use the keyboard to navigate the space w(move forward), a(move left), s(move backward),d(move right), q(turn left), and e(turn right). Press g to ‘fly’ through and around the space.

  • If using a phone, use your pinch (zoom) in to move forward and pinch out to move backwards, swipe left / right and up / down to rotate and shift gaze

  • Explore at your own pace/take as much time as you need

  • You are able to communicate with other attendees by unmuting yourself and talking via your device microphone

  • Please feel free to email any comments/questions/accessibility requests/feedback/technical issues to

This virtual gallery represents a component of a live installation in LENS, a performance set to premiere at The REACH at the Kennedy Center in July 2020. Due to the pandemic, the performance has been postponed until the summer of 2021.

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We are currently seeking development and residency partners for far field 2021/2022

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