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SUPERCELL: water womb
available for touring 2024-2026

SUPERCELL: water womb is a durational performance installation questioning the body’s ontological relationship to climate shift and environmental collapse. Performers are connected to sculptural water bags and one another via an elastic web, examining the impact and corresponding effects they each have on the collective environment. This work was originally conceived as a pre-show installation to slowdanger’s sci-fi apocalyptic work SUPERCELL. 

The work can be exhibited with cast numbers ranging from 2-20 and at lengths of 20-55 minutes. The work is set to original sound by slowdanger. 

directed by: 

taylor knight  | anna thompson

sound design:

slowdanger (made in collaboration with

the cast of SUPERCELL)

slowdanger project manager:

Joshua Bristow


SUPERCELL: water womb


Carnegie Museum of Art - Pittsburgh PA

June 15, 2024


Freeway Park - Seattle WA

July 20, 2024

We are currently seeking presenting partners for SUPERCELL 2024-2026

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