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fôr (evening length work) is a bi-city multidisciplinary collaborative exchange between slowdanger directors taylor knight and anna thompson, and MICHIYAYA Dance directors Anya and Mitsuko Clarke-Verdery. Between June and December 2017, the four directors processed in intensive periods between NYC and PGH, offering open-level movement workshops, open rehearsals, and events where the local communities can engage with the artists.

The process concluded in December 2017 with performances of the collaboratively built movement, sound, and visual work at, The Kelly-Strayhorn Theater Alloy Studios and Center for Performance Research in Brooklyn.

The piece explores queerness, perspective and identity as a constantly shifting state of defining and destroying boundary in space, rendering the space a timebomb that pressurizes throughout the work, erupting into a furnace of absurdity and expression. This initiative is intended to examine how bridges can be built between national artistic communities through collaboration. This project is made possible with a grant from the Opportunity Fund (PGH) and our fiscal sponsor Unique Projects, Inc.

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