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intimate subjects

intimate subjects is an event designed and curated by slowdanger and City of Play.

'intimate subjects' invites audiences to enter a landscape of multidisciplinary performances, interactive technology, and immersive adventures that question the meaning of intimacy.

This event was debuted on November 16th 2017 at The Carnegie Museum of Art Third Thursdays. 
The second installment took place on Aug 16th 2018 at The Carnegie Museum of Art Third Thursdays. The third installment took place in 2019 as a part of slowdanger's Performers at Play SENSES Residency at the Carnegie Museum of Art.

Sept. 2019 Featured Artists:

Abdu Ali | Jasmine Hearn | slowdanger

Ru Emmons | ProjectileObjects | Cynthia Lee

Connor Sites-Bowen | Robert Zacharias

Katja-Maria Taavitsainen | MEU

Gregory Manley | Jack Kelley

Mad Recital/Richard Ramirez | Sean E. Matzus

Aug. 2018 Featured Artists:
slowdanger | Anna Henson | Mitsuko Verdery | Conrad Quesen | MaestroFlux | Kasia Reilly | Connor Sites-Bowen

Robert Zacharias | Roberta Guido | Giling     
Amy Reid | Pangelica | Ru Emmons | Anya Clarke | thisOne

Nov. 2017 Featured Artists:  
slowdanger | ​the moon baby | Anna Henson |

Maree ReMalia | Ariadne
Shantelle Courvoisier Jackson | David Bernabo

Shiloh Hodges | Sarah Friedlander | Safra Tadesse

Kasia Reilly | Annalee Traylor |  Sarah Jeffers     

​intimate subjects was commissioned and supported in part by: The Carnegie Museum of Art. Special thanks to Laura Zorch McDermitt.

slowdanger__Intimate Subjects_05.jpg
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We are currently seeking residency, development, presenting and commission partners for 2022/2024

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