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the memory series

is an episodic body of work created by slowdanger using collected field recordings, writings, found objects and performative structures.  With each work that is put forth, a deeper understanding is found through the practice of making. slowdanger generates a thickness of memory through filtering veiled remembrances until they are distilled to their simplest form. Repurposing their own product so it remains constantly in process. This ever evolving process is akin to the construction zone where inspiration was drawn for the name, slowdanger. Breaking ground to build upon the demolished surface. Using old structures to innovate a new concept or construction.

memory 6

excerpt showng at Baruch Performing Arts Center NYC

excerpt showing at Springboard Danse Montreal 2018

memory 6 is slowdanger's 7th installment to their episodic body of work, the memory series. 
'While traversing a purgatory of their own fragmented memories, two bodies combine to build a new form through movement and sound'
The process for this work began at Springboard Danse Montreal and was shown as an excerpt at Place Des Arts in Montreal in June of 2018. 

Past Showings:
Triskelion Arts Never Before Never Again Festival - January 19 2020 Brooklyn NY (excerpt)
APAP - January 13 2020 NYC (excerpt)
YES! Dance Festival - 2019 Richmond (excerpt)
Cleveland Dance Festival - 2019 Cleveland (excerpt)
Dance Industry Performing Arts Center - 2019 Dallas (excerpt)
Baruch Performing Arts Center - March 28 2019 NYC (excerpt) 
Place Des Arts - June 2018 Montreal (excerpt)

photos by: Jordan Patt and David Gonsier 

book slowdanger

We are currently seeking residency, development, presenting and commission partners for 2021/2023

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