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the memory series

is an episodic body of work created by slowdanger using collected field recordings, writings, found objects and performative structures.  With each work that is put forth, a deeper understanding is found through the practice of making. slowdanger generates a thickness of memory through filtering veiled remembrances until they are distilled to their simplest form. Repurposing their own product so it remains constantly in process. This ever evolving process is akin to the construction zone where inspiration was drawn for the name, slowdanger. Breaking ground to build upon the demolished surface. Using old structures to innovate a new concept or construction.

memory 5

memory 5 @ TriskelionArts: Never Before, Never Again Festival
​Featuring: Ru Emmons, Taylor Knight and Anna Thompson

above: imprints 
imprints is a collaborative evening between slowdanger and Gia T. the works included are, memory 5: tether (slowdanger) and no edges (Gia T.)

​memory 5 ​is a modular and episodic work built upon the memory series. 
The work premiered at Wood St. Galleries PGH in December 2016.
Excerpts have been shown in 2017 at BAAD 's Boogie Down Dance Festival, Triskelion's Never Before, Never Again Festival, and Dance to the People's Dance Paree @ the Wood's Cooperative.

memory 5: water memory is underwater, in a space of dreams and past works that have been submerged and overgrown. Where the natural world has begun to overtake the constructed world. As performers navigate a landscape in ruins and decay, we observe memory and compare it to the highly purported ability of water to retain memory of a substance previously dissolved even after it has been serially diluted (‘water memory’). Within this we question, how much has our memory been diluted? How much of our reality, when examined, could be pseudoscience? How much of the actual substance of memory do we retain in the recall of a lived experience? ​Performers engage in movement and sound inflating archetypal characters as they navigate a landscape in ruins and decay.Improvisations are structured within character vignettes. These largely solo structures are assisted and facilitated by the group. There is no hierarchy in this relationship as the facilitators are present to offer support, distraction, or direction live within the work. The facilitators provide stimuli for the soloist to react to within their directed score in the moment. For example, it may be offered through sound, lighting, object, touch, verbal directive, or manipulation of an object. Within this the soloist has the agency to reject or accept given directives.
This piece was created in collaboration with Ru Emmons and made possible by generous fundraising campaign between October 2016 and January 2017, Neu Kirche Contemporary Arts Center, and the PGH Cultural Trust.

memory 5: tether explores relationship, accommodation, and adaptation.
Within an ambient score generated by slowdanger, two performers are braided together by their hair and move through a physical score that was created apart from the fusion of their bodies. Their fusion creates an organism as their tethers become energetic and umbilical. Feeding the other as well as containing them within the womb of their relation. 

memory 5 December 2016
Wood St Galleries PGH
sound/movement: slowdanger in collaboration with the performers
performers: Ru Emmons, Taylor Knight, Anna Thompson
photographer: Alison Sacriponte

book slowdanger

We are currently seeking residency, development, presenting and commission partners for 2021/2023

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