Digital Season 2020-2021
Our 2020-2021 digital thematic programming season, remix disruption, includes releases of new dance films and sound works, unreleased archival footage/works, virtual workshops, process dialogues/collaborator interviews, sneak peaks of new live performance works scheduled for 2021 and more. The works in this program series provide artistic disruptions during times of constant uncertainty and processing amidst a global pandemic and the movement for black lives. Centering the practice of imagining new futures beyond quarantine/social distancing with themes of embodiment in the digital era, reaching through the screen, audience interaction through digital interfaces, art as action, and collaboration as a vessel to more just artistic practices.
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remix disruption programming
SPI JAMS workshop series
1/2/21, 1/17/21, 2/21/21, 3/21/21, 4/11/21
*info and registration here
REMOTE POSSIBILITIES - interactive web platform/performance 3/6/21, 3/13/21, 3/20/21, 3/27/21
*ticketing and info
FURY ANGEL - new album from slowdanger on MISC Records. 4/2/21
*details coming soon
*more programming announced soon

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